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DADGAD Chords, The Irish Tunings

by Claude Samard Polikar

Back to the Irish DADGAD. This tuning synonymous of Celtic music has gone way beyond it's original folk frontiers. Used by Adrian Legg, Michael Hedges, Dan Ar Bras, Pierre Bensusan and more recently by Ed Sheeran, to name a few, as well as by a few Hard Rock guitarists such as Aerosmith's Joe Perry, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page in Kashmir & in Black Mountain Side.

Here are a series of emergency DADGAD chords that will give you an idea of the potential laying in the beauty of these clusters and what they have to offer, as well as Part II of my « Celtic suite » theme that completes my CD «Unplugged Journey». This part is in D minor, played in a very traditional style but be careful of the fourth bar in A major.


This new excerpt may even be a better example of the ease you'll fing in the DADGAD tuning to play celtic inspired themes, mostly on the last bar played open which has allowed me to have a modulation back on the orginal D major theme.