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When I began playing music, musicians actually played together, no matter what the style or genre, traditional, classical, jazz, pop or rock. In the studio or for live performances. Technological progress has given birth to a new species: the bedroom producer, an entity who sits behind a screen alone, conducting a virtual orchestra. How did we lose the plot? Music is and will always be about sharing, to learn from other musicians and artists. Which is also why I am so eternally grateful to those I have had the pleasure of playing with, in the studio, on a stage, in a room or in a club, here, there and everywhere around the world, this universal language we call music that we can all speak and understand.
Studying new instruments has given me such wonderful opportunities not only to learn about different cultures but also, more importantly, it’s helped me shape my own creative identity,who I have now become because of the influences I was confronted with, playing with or for these incredibly talented artists and musicians from every continent.

The main qualities required as a studio musician are to be quick, creative and versatile enough to suit any given circumstance. These can also be great qualities to be on the team that writes and produces tracks for artists or for ad agencies.