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Composing for feature films or for television series and films, gives me just enough freedom/space to feel good and enthusiastic about sitting down in front of my computer displays or with a guitar on my knee to start a day's work. In addition to which, I'm truly happy and fortunate to be working in so many different areas; the challenge keeps me "fresh" and up to speed with the latest standards, cuttng edge trends, sounds and technology. The challenge is really about giving each project that special "signature", that unique and personal touch.

Christopher Roth

Genre: Horror/Thriller - Runtime: 100 minutes
Director: Max Sender

Awards: 5th CINEFANTASTIC in Sao Paolo Brazil
Best Music: Claude Samard Polikar
Best Horror Film - Best Make-up: Giannetto De Rossi
Best SFX: Corridori

Other Official Selections:
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2010
Film 4 Fright Fest 2010 - 10th Rome Inde Film Festival 2011


Joaquim de Almeida

Anna Galiena

Jessica Bonanni

Ben Gazzara

Franceesco Guzzo


A few days after their arrival in Italy, Christopher Roth and his wife, Catherine, get caught in the middle of a wild boar hunt during a walk in the woods. Not long after that, a young couple is brutally murdered in the woods near the Roths’ rented house...The table is set, dinner is served, but Catherine seems to have disappeared.

There’s a small gift package on the table. Roth opens it and discovers a picture and a letter inside. The picture’s a Polaroid of the couple killed in the woods, the signature left on the victims’ cheeks is unmistakable, each of them has been pierced by a boar tusk. The letter is from the killer a fervent admirer of Christopher's work and feels Christopher's way of portraying pain is so fascinating and so real, as he relates to his own experience. The killer will become Catherine and Christopher Roth’s worst nightmare. A nightmare whose violence will be greater than anything Roth ever envisioned.

Holy Money

Genre: Thriller - Runtime: 100 minutes
Director: Maxime Alexandre


Aaron Stanford

Valeria Solarino

Luca Angeletti

Joaquim de Almeida

Karel Roden

Nicola Dipinto

Francesco Guzzo

Suzanne Bertish

Ben Gazzara


Anthony's family runs a small Italian restaurant in London. When his childhood friend, Dario, dies in a suspicious accident, Anthony inherits a vineyard in Sant'Angelo, the village his parents came from in Italy. Surprised by the large sum of money offered to him by a curious Italian "Master of Wine" for the land he just inherited, and considering the mysterious circumstances surrounding Dario's death, Anthony decides to drive down to Sant'Angelo. Anthony soon feels he's in the middle of something he doesn't understand and wants to leave, but... He gets tangled up in "Love's" web and suddenly finds himself the target of a crazy manhunt.

Antigone 34

Genre: TV detective series for France 2 - Runtime: 60 minutes/episode
Director: Louis-Pascal Couvelaire
Screenplay: Brice Homs & Alexis Nolent - Showrunner: Brice Homs
Production: Mascaret Films (Benedicte Lesage & Ariel Askenazi)


Anne Le Nen

Bruno Todeschini

Claire Borotra

Aubert Fenoy

Bruno Lopez

Hammou Graia

Lionel Erdogan

Bo Ba Bu

Genre: Comedy / Drama - Runtime: 82 minutes
Director: Ali Khamrayev


Abdrashid Abdrakhmanov

Hodjar Abdullaeva

Farkhad Abdullayev

Dimash Akhimov

Arielle Dombasle

Inigo Lezzi

Djavakhir Zakhirov


Best Music Award in 2001 at the Shanghai International Film Festival


"The compositions are fabulous, the light sublime.
Hypnotic score is another plus"

Lisa Nesselson, Variety, January 1999


One day, a shepherd named Bo finds a badly hurt woman in the desert. He takes her to the sheep farm that he runs with his younger brother Bu. The woman, whom the brothers name Ba, seems to have lost the power of speech. She makes no effort to communicate with the brothers, who soon begin to feel possessive and jealous about their new acquisition. The film's beautiful landscape of merciless desert implies a continuous fight for survival, particularly when all must be done according to rituals decided a long time before. Bo seems to represent the primitive man with his animalistic instincts, whereas Bu stands for pure and spiritual love.

Tengri: Blue Heavens

Genre: Drama - Runtime: 96 minutes
Director: Marie-Jaoul de Poncheville
Original Soundtrack: Birgit Lokke
Opening title song arranged and produced by Claude Samard Polikar
performed by Tenzin Gonpo (Tibet)
Programming, guitars and keyboards: Claude Samard Polikar


Albina Imasheva

Elim Kalmouratov

Hélène Patarot


Sarlat 18th Film Festival 2009 - "Coup de Coeur du Public" award

Other Official Selections: Cannes Film Festival 2009


A love story set among a nomadic tribe in the heart of the mountains of Central Asia. Amira, a young Kirghiz woman, and Temür, a Kazak and former sailor, both try to escape their sad fate. Amira, whose parents forced her into an arranged marriage with an alcoholic mercenary fighting alongside the Islamists, dreams of silence and a life filled with love and happiness. The drying up of the Aral Sea has left Temür without a job; his attempt to find work in Europe will stop short at Calais. Deported back to Kazakhstan, with no future ahead, he returns to his father's village in the Kirghiz mountains. There he and Amira fall madly in love with each other. Determined to live their forbidden passion, they flee their village looking for a land of freedom, protected by Tengri, the blue heaven, the sole god of the nomadic people.

Other films

Fais-Moi Rêver

Johnny and the Cash

Fais-Moi Rêver film directed by Jacky Katu

Johnny and The Cash short film directed by Charlotte Marcos

Passeur d'Enfants tv series directed by Franck Apprederis

Marie-Tempête 2 part television film
Music by Jean Musy - all songs by Claude Samard Polikar

La Mondaine tv detective series

The Evil Inside short film directed by Inigo Placido

Santa Croce short film directed by Giacomo Bretzel

Ritardo short film directed by Inigo Lezzi

Les Ecrivains Voyageurs Jack Kerouac, documentary directed by Ann Chakraverty

N.Y.-L.A. documentary - H & B Production (1995) - All vocals performed by Ralph Thamar